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Kenneth Grange: Making Modern Britain 

London’s Design Museum, celebrates the work of Britain’s leading product designer. Responsible for designing some of the most iconic and familiar products and appliances that shape our daily lives, Grange’s prolific career spans over 50 years. Kodak cameras, the silhouette for the Intercity 125 train, Kenwood food mixers, Parker pens, and the re-design of the London black cab are just some of his well-known designs.

In 1972 Grange, together with Alan Fletcher, Theo Crosby, Colin Forbes and Mervyn Kurlansky established Pentagram, a world renowned multi-disciplinary design consultancy. More recently, in the 1990s, Grange has produced distinctive designs that have become part of our landscape, from the Adshel bus shelter in 1993 to the Rural Post box for Royal Mail in 1998. Today Grange continues to work with British companies including Anglepoise, furniture designer Hitch Mylius and fashion designer Margaret Howell.

This exhibition is Kenneth Grange’s first UK retrospective celebrating his work, design journey and the role he has played in making Britain modern. With unique access to the Grange archive, the exhibition includes over 150 products, prototypes, sketches as well as audio, photography and film. The exhibition runs from 20th July to 30th October.

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